BB-U2FWEIDE525D-1 IEEE1394a + USB2.0 to IDE 5.25"
Dual Bay Enclosure
(TWO devices supports)






BB-U2FWEIDE525D-1 IEEE1394a + USB2.0 to IDE 5.25" Dual Bay Enclosure Feature:

bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) New Design OXFW911(Intergrated 512kb Flash Memory) IEEE1394 to IDE & TI TSB41LV02 Chipsets
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) ALi M5621-1G USB2.0 to IDE Chipset
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Compliant IEEE 1394 and compatible with proposal 1394A, Compliant USB1.1/2.0
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Two 6pin 1394 Connectors and One Mini B-Type USB Connector
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Fully Supports ATA33/66/100/133 TWO IDE Device Interface
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Hot-Plug, Plug & Play, *no need install drivers
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Fit 5.25" and 3.5" form factor Two IDE devices,
Complies with T13's ATA/ATAPI-6 Draft Specification:
Fully Supports 48-bit addressing for large hard drives (>128GB) including IEEE1394 or USB2.0 interface
Seagate 160GB, IBM 180GB, Western Digital 250GB, Maxtor 300GB HDD Supported
And Supports DVD-RAM, DVD-/+RW, CDRW-ROM, ZIP, JAZ, ORB 2.2GB, MO, etc drive.
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Built-in 3" Cooling Fan
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Built-in Auto-Switching 80-240V (80W) Power Supply
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Save Money, Easy installation, No need setup ID or Terminators and
Max. Data Transfers
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) With 6p to 6p IEEE1394 Cable, USB 2.0 Cable & Power cord
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Support IDE Hard Drive Mobile Rack Case (Optional)

Hardware Requirements:

bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Desktop PC: with either a built-in IEEE1394/USB port or a IEEE1394/USB to PCI Host Adapter
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Notebook PC: with either a built-in IEEE1394/USB port or a IEEE1394/USB to CardBus PC Card

OS Requirements:

bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) *Supports Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003 built-in SBP2 drivers
Mac OS 9.1,
Mac OS-X 10.x or later
Linux 2.4 Kernel or later
(CDRW, DVD-/+RW in Windows 2000/XP Fully Support)
(CDRW, DVD-/+RW in Mac OS 9.1/9.2/9.21/9.22  with
Roxio Toast 5.02 Titanium Fully Support)
(CDRW, DVD-/+RW in Mac OS X 10.2  with
Roxio Toast 5.x Titanium For Mac OS X Fully Support)
(CDRW, DVD-/+RW in Redhat Linux 7.3/8.0  with Kernel 2.4.18 or above, and use SCSI Emulation Mount with IEEE1394 or USB 2.0 module)

Additional Links / Notes:

bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Windows 98SE User:IEEE1394 Patch (300% Stable)
IEEE1394 Patch
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Windows 2000 User:IEEE1394 Services Pack 4 (Recommend)
Download Windows 2000 SP4
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Windows XP User:IEEE1394 Services Pack (Recommend)
Download Windows XP SP1
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) Apple Mac User:
Roxio Toast 5.02 Titanium Burning Tools
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes) BB-1394LPSA IEEE1394 FireWire Card
bluebullet.gif (834 bytes)  



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