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Bare-Bone Series 1394/FireWire ,USB (Q & A)


About BB-FWEIDE 1394/FireWire Enclosure
Q1: I use BB-FWEIDE525 with Plextor 12/10/32A CDRW or SamSung SW208 8/4/32 CDRW in Win98SE/ME/2000 system has no effect.
Now supported! New Initio chipsets will fully supported.
Q2: I use BB-FWEIDE25 with Toshiba HDD, in Win2000 system also not stable (Memory Dump).
Visit Microsoft and update latest services pack SP2 .
Q3: I use BB-FWEIDE525 with Maxell 12/10/32 (4MB Cache) CDRW, in Win98SE , also not stable.
First visit Microsoft to Download 1394 Storage Update , and visit the following link same as your CDRW model to update latest firmware.
(Other brand name CDRW recommend up to date firmware for reading stable & compatibility )
Ricoh -

Plextor -
Liteon -
Acer -
Samsung -
Yamaha -
Aopen- (Maxell CRW-1232 can find in here)
(Reference Only)
Q4: I use BB-FWEIDE525D-1 Dual-Bay Enclosure, now I putting a new IBM 40GB 7200rpm HDD with  Lite-on 16/10/32 CDRW have problem in Win98SE, Only detected IBM 40GB HDD, the CDRW cannot find, why?
First visit Microsoft to Download 1394 Storage Update , check the CDRW is MASTER, HDD set to SLAVE (See PC Manual).
Q5: I use BB-FWEIDE25, now I want install Notebook HDD,  can I get power from IEEE1394 controller card?
Yes, example BB-582DX2 1394 Host Controller. The CardBus 1394 or Notebook 1394 Ports is cannot supports power 5V connect, but you can use PS/2 to 5V cable (Optional) if PS/2 port available.
Q6: I using BB-FWEIDE525,  in Win98SE only display the "USB/1394 Disk" & "!" symbol when installed MS1394 patch.
If Win98SE display "USB/1394 Disk", this means using OLD drivers. Please remove this (in device manager) and click F5 refresh, keep it all new files.
Q7: I installed NEW Windows 98SE,  MS 1394 Patch & TI DVCAM drivers. Nnow I using BB-FWEIDE525 with BB-582DX2 always slow & not stable,  but capture DV video is no problem find, why?
In Windows 98SE System, First 1: Install TI driver (If MS DV Camcorder not working) , 2:Install  MS 1394 Patch, 3: Plug the  BB-FWEIDE525 Enclosure, keep it all new files.
Q8:Can I Hot-Plug the BB-FWEIDE series Enclosure?
Yes. In Windows 98SE/ME/2000 recommend use removable tools to remove the device first.
Q9: BB-FWEIDE25\35\525 \ 525D-1 Enclosure Apple Macintosh Supports or Not?
Yes. Must need following requirements:
- Complaint OHCI FireWire Controller or built-in FireWire ports (Available)
- Mac OS 9.22, OS-X 10.1.5 or above
- If use CDR recording software, Roxio Toast 5.02 Titanium is fully supported in Mac OS 9.22

- Old Apple Power
Macintosh can use with BB-582DX2
- Upgrade to Toast 5.02 Titanium  Here
- If using BB-FWEIDE525
/ BB-FWEIDE525D-1 Dual-Bay Enclosure, must set the CDRW to MASTER, other device (such as HDD) set to SLAVE, however Toast 5.02 Titanium is cannot detect correctly.
Q10: I Installed new  60GB HDD with  BB-FWEIDE35 Enclosure, I cannot see the "E:" drive in my computer,  but in device manager can find "IEEE1394 Disk",  why?
Please type "Fdisk" in MS-DOS Prompt, and choose "5", then  you can see the drive available .
Q11: Panasonic  SR8585-B DVD-ROM support or not?
NOT support. (OXFORD Problem). Only supported in BB-FWEIDE525-i /U2FWEIDE525/U2EIDE525D-1 Enclosure (in this moment).
Q12: How to boot-up firewire in Apple Computer?
See detail in (G3 need update firmware in supported model).

BB-U2EIDE Series USB2.0 Enclosure


Q1: If I use U2EIDE525D-1 in Windows 98/98SE/2000, use two IDE device OK or Not?
This is Microsoft  Problem, U2EIDE525D-1 Only use ONE IDE device in Win98/98SE/2000 OS System, but WinME/XP & Windows2000+SP3 is working fine. Detail
Q2: Can I Boot-up the OS with  U2EIDE525D-1 or U2FWEIDE35/525 USB2.0  Enclosure?
Yes, must motherboard supports (not stable). And speed only can reach at USB 1.0 in this moment.

BB-582 Series

A. I have problem with my DV Camcorder in Microsoft Windows 98.

Make Sure your Microsoft windows 98 system is second edition Build 2222 (We recommended to use Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition or Windows 2000 Professional). Because some DV camcorder does not reconized on Win98. It's Win98 Bugs. Now Microsoft released Windows 98 Second Edition fixed all problem with 1394 device.

B. I use BB-582DV under Windows 98 with JVC DV Camcarder, when install the TI driver but there will be very unstable(Illegal Operation) and also cannot detect(Hardware not find) the DV. How to solve this problem?

Because the Windows 98 first edition have the 1394 compatibly problem. So please update your Windows 98 to Windows 98 Second Edition and install correct version of TI DV driver (V.2.5 or above).


C. Poor Transfer Rate / Drop Frame / Enhancing Capture Performance

1. Make Sure Your System Enabled DMA Mode Transfer

Enabling DMA

Your hard drive may not be able to sustain a high enough data rate to provide a smooth capture of a video stream. The performance of Ultra DMA hard drives is improved if the 'DMA transfer' option is enabled for the drive. This solution should be approached with caution, as not all hard drives support this feature, and they are not compatible with every system. If you are unsure as to whether your system can handle DMA transfers, please contact your hardware manufacturer to verify.

To enable DMA transfer for hard drives under Windows 95 and Windows 98:

1. On the Windows task bar, click Start, then Settings, then Control Panel.
2. Double-click the System icon.
3. Click the Device Manager tab.
4. Find the device name 'Disk Drives', and click this icon. You should see several drives listed. Find 'Generic IDE Disk Type 47.'
5. Highlight this drive, and click the Properties button.
6. Click the Settings tab, and select the DMA control.
7. Click OK to exit this dialog, then click OK to exit the Properties dialog.
8. Restart you computer to enable the changes.

Please note that if your system has a custom device driver for your hard drive, it may not be possible to enable DMA.

To View DMA Mode Enabler Image Click Here

Defragmenting your Hard Disk

To improve the performance of your captures, ensure that your disk drives are defragmented before capturing video. Regularly defragmenting your hard disk will help maintain optimum read and write speeds, which is necessary for capturing at higher data rates.

To defragment your hard disk:

1. Shut down all running programs

2. Launch the Windows 'Disk Defragmenter' program from the Start menu by pointing to Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Disk Defragmenter.

2. Make Sure Your System Performance as Server Role

To View Server Role Enabler Image Click Here

3. Disable All Anti-Virus Programs and Disable All Tray Bar TSR Programs

D. Why is there a 4 Gigabyte File size limit?

If you are using Windows 98 with a FAT32 file system, the largest file size allowed by the operating system is 4 Gigabytes. In DV talk, this equates to about 18 minutes of video. This is not a limitation of the BB-582DV card or of the editing software. DV capture and editing systems costing hundreds of dollars more suffer from the same limitation. Once Windows 2000 ships, users will have the option of using NTFS (NT File System). NTFS allows for virtually unlimited file sizes. Then you will need approximately 30 Gigabytes of storage for one hour of DV. Remember, video quality is always related to file size. The better the quality, the bigger the file. DV is about as good as it gets

E. Can I open the VCD(DAT) and DVD(VOB) files in VideoWave III SE Software?

No. VideoWave does not support VCD's 'DAT' and DVD's 'VOB' files. In addition, many VCD/DVD titles are copy protected and cannot be duplicated or manipulated in any application. But you can try to use 'VCDcutter' software to open and convert to MPG files for editing.

F. I have a Matrox G200 card. If I create an MPEG2 capture template based on 720x480, VideoWave III SE will sometimes crash.

The MPEG encoder within VideoWave will accept only prescribed resolutions as set out on the MPEG specification. Since the Matrox card allows a maximum of 704x480, setting capture to 720x480 will sometimes cause VideoWave to crash.

G. I have a VIA693A Mainboard. I also capture video have the drop frame. How can I tune up the performance?

Some brand name VIA693A have the poor internal transfers rate (For exception our BB-KV23 VIA693A Mainboard have no such problem!) and the display card also effect the video quality, so must check the newest BIOS for update, install the newest VIA's drivers, make sure the HDD DMA mode is operating fine (See Question A).

H. When I finish the MPEG1 (VCD template) files, can I make the own Video CD disc?

Yes. But you must have the CD-R recorder and the CD-R recording software. Such likes Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.0, VideoPack 4.0 and Ahead Nero Burn, etc. They also supports to make the VCD format files.

I. When I  output the file to my DV Camcorder if it shows 'Unable to Build Transmits Graph', how to solve?

Please check the DV-AVI files (Video format NTSC is 720 x 480 or PAL is 720 x 576 and Audio format is 32KHz or 48KHz) must same as your DV Camcorder setting. Because the default capture audio setting is 32KHz.

J. I still have problem After producing a DV clip, I cannot output back to my PAL camera. I get the error "Unable to build transmit graph."

Many PAL cameras cannot be transmitted to, as they are not designed to work in that fashion. To ensure your camera is capable of sending and receiving video, please contact the camera manufacturer.


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