BB-FWEIDE525 ATAPI to 1394 (FireWire) 5.25" Enclosure


Enhance FireIDE


Power MAC User : BB-FWEIDE is fully supported Macintosh with Firewire Port. (DV Port) , You can purchase our BB-582DX+ installed on Power MAC or G3 ,  Please make sure your MAC OS 9.1 or above with Firewire Extension 2.7 or above - Visit To Download Firewire Extersion Version 2.7



BB-FWEIDE525 ATAPI to 1394 5.25" Enclosure Feature:
OXFW911(Intergrated 512kb Flash Memory) ATAPI to 1394 & TI TSB41LV02 Chipsets
Compliant IEEE 1394 and compatible with proposal 1394A
Two 6pin 1394 Connectors
Fully Supports ATA33/66/100 IDE Device Interface
Hot-Plug, Plug & Play, *no need install drivers
Can connect most IDE Interface: Seagate, Quantum, Maxtor, IBM, Western Digital Hard Drive. DVD, CDR, CDRW CD-ROM, ZIP, JAZ, ORB 2.2GB, MO Drive, etc.
*Supports Windows 98SE/ ME/2000/XP built-in SBP2 device & Linux 2.4 Kernel
(CDRW CD-ROM Windows 2000 Fully Supports)
*Supports MAC OS 9.1 With FireWire Enabler 2.7 & FireWire Supports 2.7 or above (If your Macintosh Computer haven't FireWire Port and you have one PCI Slot, You can purchase Our BB-582DX2 to install to your Macintosh Computer.) , Apple Macintosh G3 DV, G4 DV and iMAC DV contained Firewire Ports supported and tested
Built-in Cooling FAN & 50W Power Supply
Save Money, Easy installation, 50Mbyte/sec Max. Speed
With 6p to 6p 1394 Cable & Power cord

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