BB-DB525UF USB+Firewire Front Panel 5.25" Device Bay


BB-DigitalDoc5 Multiple System Protection

BB-DigitalDoc5 Multiple System Protection

BB-DB525UF USB+Firewire Front Panel 5.25" Device Bay Feature:
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  • 5.25" Front Panel:Two USB A-Type Connector & One 1394/Firewire 6pin Port

  • Special circuit design, reduce noise & stable data transfers

  • 12VDC Connector: For External 1394/Firewire device

  • 1394/Firewire Port: Directly connect from any with internal 1394/Firewire 6pin Controller, example BB-582TX

  • USB Connector: Directly connect from Mainboard

  • Suitable for: Bare-Bone Series, BB-ME21, AV32, AK32, P3SAE, P3SAE-L, 370SAE-L, K7TA-266, PV-DDR, Asus & Gigabyte Special Design USB Connector Mainboard

  • Change the panel, it can insert 3.5" device JAZ or Hard Drive, etc.

  • Now make the 1394/Firewire & USB Ports to outside, you can do it!





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