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BB-582DX2 IEEE 1394 Deluxe Version Downloads

You should use Kernel 2.4.7 or upper


Libraw1394 is required for any program which wants to use the raw1394 driver to access the bus directly (in other words: download it, you'll need it). It also has its own project page on SourceForge.


related software

For some applications and libraries using the subsystem see the links page.


applying patches

To apply the patch you need the kernel sources installed, preferably the exact version the patch was made for. Then do:


cd /path/to/kernel
zcat /path/to/patchfile.gz | patch -p1


related software

gscanbus: Utility to display connected devices and do transactions.
dvgrab: Utility to grab DV from camcorder into AVI files.
MainActor-3.5.3-1.i386.rpm (15Mb) Mainactor 3.53 video editing software for Lunix
SDPAVC: C++ library for sending AV/C commands / queries to IEEE-1394 devices.